Calendars and Organization


All educated Bulldogs use their best organizational skills, plan ahead to get the task done, and act responsibly at all times.

Turn in all your work, and look ahead for conflicts in schedules.  Be a Wortham Bulldog with pride for advancement!

Show off the Discipline!!!​​

​Updated 9/13/2018

September - 
(30 Days in September)
September Mondays - HS TMEA Afterschool Rehearsals 3:30-4:15
September Tuesdays​​ - MS TMEA Afterschool Rehearsals 3:30-4:15
September Wednesdays - Elem Extra Help Choir
Saturday, 8th - NTCC Teacher-Leader Meeting - Denton
Saturday, 29th - TMEA HS Region Choir Audition - Belton HS​​​

October - (31 Days in October)
Continued Rehearsals As Above)

**Brush up on the words to our
Wortham Elementary
Spirit Song

by Mrs. Ferris     


Let's sing to Wortham Elementary
Forever stands above the rest!
Let's shout for Wortham Elementary
To the North, South, East, and West!

In everything we do we do what's right.
And all our work will be our best!
With one step forward, holding heads up high,
We'll stand up to the test! (And shout. . .)

Bulldog Spirit! Bulldog Pride!
Wortham! Wortham! Wortham!

With truth and honor, raise your banners high
And dream to conquer every quest.
Here's to Wortham Elementary. . .
The leader and the best!
This page changes regularly.  
​Check for updates and confirmations of events, shows, auditions, and important information
Mrs. Ferris' Weekly Schedule:The Weekly Music Schedule - 2018-2019


8:30-9:20am - Pre-K & Kindergarten
           MTW - PreK
           ThF - Kindergarten​​
9:20-10:05am -2nd Grade Music
           MF - 2A Ridge
           TTh - 2B Wadley​​

10:05-10:50am -  3rd Grade
   MW - 3A - Chapman​
           TTh - 3B - Navarro​

11:20-12:05am - 4th Grade
MW - 4A - McLelland
TF - 4B - Towles​

12:05-12:50 - First Grade
MTh - 1A - Cryer
WF - 1B - Hadden​​

1:00-1:45pm - 5th Grade Assistant

1:45-2:35pm -  High School Choir

2:45-3:25 -  JH Choir

3:30-4:30pm -  
   Mondays - TMEA HS
   Tuesdays - TMEA MS
   Wednesdays - Elem Honor
   Thursdays/Fridays - Seasonal Rehearsals, Etc.

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Schedule and Planning​
Schedules, Events, Rehearsals, Concerts, and Other Important Stuff!
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